Conditioned Crawlspaces

Existing vented crawlspaces are experiencing serious moisture and mold problems and are costing builders and homeowners significant resources to repair. Observe all the commercials and advertisements for sealing off, drying and repairing crawlspaces.

Crawlspaces are real simple to understcrawlspace-diagramand. When you vent crawlspaces you bring in hot, humid air and cause moisture and mold problems.

The ground surface is typically colder than the temperature of the exterior air. The underside of crawlspace floor insulation is radiation coupled to the ground surface and is very close to the same temperature of the ground. Moisture moves to the cooler surfaces. Water droplets can be seen all over the top surface of typical polyethylene ground covers as well as hanging from the bottom surface of the crawlspace floor insulation.

Conditioned crawlspaces perform better than vented crawlspaces in terms of safety, health, comfort, durability and energy consumption. By eliminating moisture in your crawlspace you not only eliminate mold and mildew but also eliminate the habitat that most bugs and insects thrive in under most houses.

Using a Superior Wall for your foundation will provide a dry and insulated crawlspace. Think of it like building a mini-basement for a crawlspace under your house.  After all, this never-thought-of part of your house is still a part of your house. And a strong foundation makes for a well built house.